Evie Maureen’s Baptism and A lovely “Yard Picnic” Luncheon In Bend, Oregon.

Flowers: While we didn’t go crazy with the flowers for this luncheon since it was pretty small (16 people) and we were visiting out of town I found inspiration from these Alpaca style flower vases that I saw on Pinterest about 2 weeks before Evie’s Baptism. So go get our version I asked the florist to make 2 low arrangements in the llama vases . We had a white one and a pink one (and we didn’t get very good pictures.. but we were happy with how they turned out!)

The menu was chosen by my husband who loves a simple but tasty spread. My favorite part of this for me was the appetizers (apps are ALWAYS my favorite for some reason) I feel that they set the tone for the event. In this case we chose a veggie platter with hummus and olives as well as a chèvre goat cheese and fig paste on a crostini. Since we had the luncheon at McMenamins (the historic school that was turned into a brew pub/ hotel) they were the ones who catered our lunch and we chose the “Yard Picnic” menu with a few substitutions for my vegetarian and vegan guests.

My mother in law got the cutest Honey favors off Etsy which I will link here (https://www.etsy.com/listing/954658124/honey-jar-baptism-favors-christening?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=bee+blessed+honey+jar&ref=sr_gallery-1-7&organic_search_click=1&bes=1)

Lastly, a Baptism isn’t complete without the cutest cake or sweets. In this case we chose cake pops and cookies! Some with were gluten free!

To say this celebration was sweet was an understatement!
I also found our gifts for the Godparents on Etsy linked here ( https://www.etsy.com/listing/727137221/fairy-godmother-godfather-gift-godmother?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=fairt+godparent+glasses&ref=sr_gallery-1-4&organic_search_click=1&frs=1&cns=1

One final detail I will link is the Baptism outfit for our Evie girl! Since the one my older daughter Nora got Baptized in at three months was too small (thank you Covid) we went with a Baptism romper from Strasburgs Children Clothing: https://www.strasburgchildrens.com/collections/christeninggowns?gclid=CjwKCAjwr56IBhAvEiwA1fuqGopvxCaqSvwtbH8z5bka1Qda9adHYht0s5d4_zs-W-6ru7G18nXzJRoC0HwQAvD_BwE


Thanks for reading along!


Quarentine Update/ Back to the Blog!!

Hi Everyone !! It’s been a LONG time since I have stopped by my blog.. could be that I was busy raising a toddler, buying a home here in San Diego, and welcoming our second baby girl, “Evie” on May 3rd 2020 who was born during the height of the first Covid/ Corona Virus outbreak in the nation (stay tuned for an entire blog post about that in another post). But, long story short we have been home, healthy, and quarantining for almost three whole months. During this time I have been outdoor in our garden daily and have been more thankful than ever that we have this space to spend in the sunshine and cultivate plants and a space that speak to me and our girls. In addition to spending time in our the garden we have also been following all the trends of everyone at home during quarantine and getting busy in our kitchen by making lots and lots of cookies, bread, and you name it. Anyway, I am excited to get back into connecting with you all and having a place to come back to when I have time to sit down, drink a cup of coffee, and write (something I have been OBSESSED with ever since I was about 12 and I got that purple fuzzy journal!)

Miniature snowball hydrangeous and lavender (plus a perfect luncheon)

So it’s  been eons since trotting on my own page, but I figured I would write since it’s apart of the learning curve. So i went back to work and have been looking for excuses to get back into my passion project ( anything lavender) and low and behold something came to me. My lavender plants in the lavender hub have been flourishing and attracting so many bees that I kind of let them be ( bee) for a good while while I was on maternity leave. But with spring cleaning and a desire to use up some of the lavender that was growing in the hub I went to town and pruned three huge grocery bags full of lavender which I would use at my daughters christening luncheon!!

We got the party catered by a cute cafe near our home and the food turned out great! Check out the menu in the picture section. For flowers we paired the lavender with hydrangeas and they paired super cute! My only downfall was not putting the hydrangeous in water over night so they were a little droopy on the day of. We didn’t get a lot of pictures of the arrangements but I was happy to utilize the lavender in a special way. My husbands cousin was nice enough to host the party at her and her fiance’s gorgeous home (with a pool) and we are ever so grateful for all the love and labor that went into making the day possible!! While our little Nora cried a lot of the baptism (at church) she made up for it by being super smiley and chummy the rest of the day. I can’t blame her for wanting to get to her own party! It was so fun having my parents and sister there for the occasion.


The importance of Friends and celebrating🎈

img_8856Happy 2017! The year is still brand spanking new and I wanted to take some time to stop and share about a recent event  my girl friends threw me to celebrate the bundle of joy that will be joining us in less than a month ( look for another post on that level of joy!!) Just to clarify this was not a baby shower (however, those are amazing too ) But what my friends threw me was called a “Blessingway”. The event included crafting eucalyptus and baby’s breath flower crowns, a potluck of homemade gluten free food, words of wisdom, the gifting of children’s books, a red bracelet of trust, and the most delicious carrot cake. The hand crafted flower crowns were the perfect symbol of how importance confidence is when embarking on the new journey of motherhood. I strongly believe that there will be a million different people who will tell me how to do things in life and I want to be able to have open ears but know it is me who is the most capable of making informed decisions. The  healthy yet decadent food symbolized the health I wish for my babe. The books were just as much a gift for me as for baby S because reading children’s books out loud is A slice of heaven which I believe is pure therapy. Who knew that reading a Doctor Seuss book out loud was the cure to turning a not so great day into a newfound gem with a completely different light shining on it?? Truth. Lastly, the red truth bracelets that we each tied on our hands to stay until Baby S arrives provided me with a circle of trust that is full of my friends positive energy.

To start 2017 out like this surrounded by strong and unique women has been something that I know will help me during the not so easy times that lie ahead. As we all know that what accompanies the joyous event of welcoming a new human also includes lack of sleep, healing of the body from giving birth, and saying good bye to life as we currently know it…. A life with just the two of us at the centerfold (or three- including our dog).

But truth be said..  I couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead! Mostly, I just can’t wait to meet our little one❤️️So cheers to 2017… new life, adventure, less sleep, and love ahead! I hope your new year is off to a fresh start.





Yoga hits home



It was the end of my evening yoga class, after savasana, after I thought I had experienced everything I would experience in that particular practice. But no… while still closing our eyes a quote swept me off my feet. ” Your body is not a temple, it is a forest that will grow back”. At 23 weeks pregnant this quote made my heart stop and bask at what I just heard. It was in an instant where I had allready filled my cup with so much goodness just by getting to yoga and going through the hour and 15 minutes of postures, modifications, and breaths that there became room for just a little more, something that I wasn’t aware I needed: fueling words.

So what is it about these words that hit home so much for me? It is those words “grow back” that resonate with me.  It is in those words that I find answers to questions I didn’t know I had relating to my own self (both internally and externally) and this new chapter of motherhood I am embarking on.  Internally, growing back stronger and wiser means being one with myself and using my intuition to guide me where I am meant to be. Externally, knowing that change is beautiful, to embrace outer change, and to age gracefully by remaining authentic.

Another reason this evenings yoga class hit home for me was because I really noticed how different my body has become with pregancy. How I do miss pushing myself and stretching/ twisting/ to my bodies full limit, but also embracing just how amazing it is that I get to feel the baby move/ kick/ wiggle when I’m laying down in savasana listening to calming music. Only 17 more weeks of yoga with the little one. I can only imagine that this journey will get more and more lifechanging.

Namaste 🙏🏼







Love us some (facial) ROSE oil

Next time you receive roses from a loved one make sure to hold on to those rose petals to make Rose oil and/or  Rose water! Both smell amazing and can be the perfect remedy for tired eyes, irritated or dry skin or a simple mood up-lifter. All you need is:

2-4 cups of rose petals

1 cup of your favorite oil in a glass container (we use jojoba oil in this recipe)

1 mortar and pestle (a wooden spoon and bowl works fine too)

4 cups of water

Bring the 4 cups of water to boil and remove it from the heat (this will be used as a warming method for your container with oil).

submerge the  container of oil to the warm water so the oil keeps warm.

Use the mortar and pestle to crush your rose petals for only 1 minute (no need to over crush or bruise the petals).

Add the crushed petals to the oil

Cover with a cloth top and let stand over night

Use a strainer to strain the rose petals from the oil.

Store your rose oil in a jar.

Depending on how strong your want the scent of your rose oil you can repeat these steps adding more rose petals to the oil mixture.


Use just a few drops of this oil on your face to help your skin stay full of moisture and give you a healthy and luminous glow. Hope you enjoy!

Pics by Rob Putaro

Beach Days= Soft Skin

imageDay at the beach


I woke up this morning and my skin felt the softest it has felt in quite some time. I laid in bed thinking of my blissful beach day trip to No Surf Beach yesterday full of sunshine, sea water, diving, and sand.

No Surf Beach is this magical oasis on Sunset Cliffs about 2 miles from my home. For me, in addition to the natural beauty of the beach itself part of the appeal is the required hike down to the special beach. Yes, this steep and rocky trail slope requires steady footing and a no fear attitude of heights. I thanked my lucky stars I had on my favorite active sandals- basically just comfy/ waterproof/ flip flops with a heel strap called “the Luna” flip flops by Havana and I ordered them from Athletica.

Our dog “Boulder” was bouldering through the rocks quickly to reach the water and my hubby was being my Sherpa in front carrying out picnic and our beach umbrella. I definitely was hiking down with the motivation that we could cool off in the beautiful turquoise water. Once down we set up out umbrella and towels and literally ran to jump into the cool water!! Our spaniel galloped with gust trying to beat us to the water and one in all three of us were body surfing with the tide and simply enjoying being in the water with one another. The only time we would get out would be to sip on coconut water or give Boulder a break.

Finally, after quite some time of us diving and swimming we headed back to shore to have our picnic of Farmers market strawberries and (my husbands favorite) ham sanwhiches. We ate, read, slept, listened to the waves crash and hiked back when the sun was going down.

I left feeling a happy sense of fullness towards this day, future days like it and just a gratefulness of one of mother nature’s richest gifts on earth… The Sea💙


Happy (Bebe) News!



So I have some very exciting news!! My husband and I will be expecting out FIRST baby early this February! Ordinarily we only post things related to Thistle+ Rose, however, this news was too could to not share. Having a baby was something we always talked about but we never knew when… One of the best part (besides the actual I’m going to be a mom part) is that when we found this incredible news we were on vacation in the exact same city, ( San Francisco) where my husband and I fell in love, and where he also proposed to me ( a sign?!)

Another amazing thing about all of this is that my older sister is also pregnant (with her second) and she will have her baby only two months before we do. Imagine the two little ones will be SO close in age!

So of course one of the first things I did after I found out baby S is due in February was look up the horoscope. What I found out was that most likely our babe will be an Aquarious. A sign that is known for their imaginative nature and honest personality ( two of the best qualities someone could ever have)!! We are SO very excited to meet baby S and I hope the rest of my pregancy goes as smooth as it has already gone ( knock on wood).

While we still have 6 months of just mommy and you time in my belly I want to share 13 compelling concepts with you to help guide your already strong presence into this exciting, beautiful, sometimes scary, world of ours:

Play, laugh, learn, love fiercely,  believe in good, respect the earth, make memories, find your passions, say I love you, call your grandparents, don’t be afraid to cry, explore, and ask questions.















lav out loudSince our products are feel good products today I  dedicated dedicate a blog post to one of the best feel good up lifters there is: L A U G H T E R and I had to throw in our favorite flower Lav – ender.
So a couple of weeks ago I was perusing my Netflix account and I stumbled across a female comedian named Ali Wong. So I read the small bio about her and I found our she is the writer of Fresh off the Boat. Fresh Off the boat is about immigrants who lives in the 1990’s in Orlando. While all Americans have a family history of immigration. My husbands father immigrated here from Sicily so we enjoy connecting with the unique stories, struggles, or cultural shocks that immigrants experience coming to the U.S.  . My parents were both born here and my husband and I both agree our child experiences were quite different. Anyway, back to Ali Wong. You need to watch “Baby Cobra” it is hilarious!! So hilarious in fact that the last two friends I visited I made us watch the entire episode together… Now I have seen it a total of three times ( and let me tell you–I do not re-watch television or movies).
Anyway, in Ali Wong’s act she is 7 months pregnant and jokes about many things that I personally believe many women think about or talk about with their besties but it is not typically an open discussion which is what I found so uplifting and eye opening about Ali openly discussing these subjects! Her topics for puns include the process of meeting her husband, or as she says “trapping her husband”, gender stereotypes, the experience growing up as a first born Asian American, the complications and joys of getting pregnant, pregnancy itself, and living in a dual income household. Her humor can be extremely gritty but she is nothing but real.
This past week I was lucky enough to see her LIVE at the Westide Comedy Theatre in Santa Monica with a friend. The show theme was “Party Host” and there were about 6 different comedians who performed. My friend and I were laughing non stop, and for me
it might have been exhaustion and really amazing, creative jokes but I almost cried because shit was so funny 😉 Ali who only had her baby two months ago looked awesome and was still cracking jokes about motherhood, breastfeeding, and how awesome her nanny is. To me, just the pure fact that she is back in action so quickly is quite a motivating factor not to mention I just love her!
So there you have it. Comedy shows= Always a good idea! If you want some raw laughter and you enjoy subjects of relationships, being a female, sex, family, and stereotypes please watch “Baby Cobra”!
Let us know what you think!

Riquisimo Lavender Margaritas

Riquisimo (adj) Spanish word which translates to DELICIOUS in English. 

If you like a good margarita as much as me, you may be always looking for a little twist on one of your favorite beverages. This twist provides a more earthy margarita and is especially fun to serve for your girl friends!


Here are the ingredients for the super simple lavender simple syrup( I got this recipe from Perpetually Chic’s blog).

-2 cups trader joes organic sugar

-1 cup water

-4 tablespoons of lavender buds

this will make about 1 1/2 cup of simple syrup. It can stay fresh in the fridge for one month.

Next, you can use a lime to wetten the rim of your glasses and then rim them with your favorite salt.

Finally, mix with your favorite tequila ( I like 100% agave 1800 silver) , fresh limes, and sparkling lime juice👌🏻.

-1 tablespoon lavender simple syrup

-1-2 shots of tequila

-the juice for 2 limes

-1cup of sparkling like water

-5 large ice cubes

-shake and serve in rimmed glassware

-garnish with 1 like wheel and two lavender strands.

For a more simpler version you can mix with a pre- made margarita mix ( Golden Margarita from Costco is great).

Serve with tortilla chips and guacamole.