Sustainable beauty products

3/ 20/2016

Last week I attended a workshop called “Beauty Food” at the new Studio B Well on Park Avenue in San Diego. We got to hear Leah Scherotter discuss ways to detoxify our makeup cabinets and refill them with sustainable and plant based products that nourish instead of harm. She discussed the possible harmful effects of certain ingredients that Americans and specifically American women have been putting on our bodies for decades most likely unaware of the toxicity that existed in the products. I’m not going to lie it kind of SCARED the SHIT outta me😖.The scariest part is many of these ingredients have been banned in the EU but continue to be used in the USA. Especially since lately it seems that I am hearing about more and more people I know or my students I know who have been effected by cancer. Shitty.
So back to the workshop… It was invigorating to be in a room full of women who feel in some way or another that we have plenty of room to have more consciousness about what we are choosing to put on our bodies. We also have OPTIONS!

I left the workshop with cute a list of ingredients to stay away from, a list of ingredients to indulge in, and an adorable “Beautyfood” bag!


One aspect of the workshop really stuck with me: NAILPOLISH. How could I be so blind?? The interesting part is I have never thought getting my nails did (yes, nail polish has formalildihyde in it)  was going to be good for my nails… I typically went for the relaxing experience and a fun color on my nails. However, most of the time while or after I go to a nail salon I also wonder about how many chemicals these nail artists are getting exposed to?? So I went online and have found that luckily there are starting to be some alternatives to these chemical filled products!  I won’t say they are 100% free of toxins but I can say companies are starting to make changes! OPI has a color I like that is formaldehyde free, and I know some smaller companies are making nail polish with natural plant bases ( beets for example) !

If you want to learn more about this you can read two books that were recommended to me ( the first one I am currently reading) and the next one I plan to read soon!!

1.) No More Dirty Looks – by : Siobahn O’ Conner and Alexandra Spunt


2.) Not Just A Pretty Face- by: Stacy Malkan

Happy Reading!!








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