6 everyday uses for your lavender blends!


image            This past week we shared on our insta account some everyday uses you can use our sprays for. It was pretty fun chatting about the purposes of our sprays and seeing the direct link to healthy living!! And even more so, how each spray is apart of a balanced routine.   I am a Libra and Libras are ALL about BALANCE.

On Monday we chatted about our Lavender Sea Water and our Sweet Doggy Dreams spray and how they can promote a more restful sleep. We all need sleep and luckily I have been very fortunate that I typically sleep really well and can sleep on airplanes or even in cars.

On Tuesday we chatted about our Yummy Tea House Yoga Mat Spray! You can spray 4-5 sprays on your yoga mat or towel and it is sure to awaken your breathing and help to void off sweaty smells ( and believe me…I did Bikram hot yoga for 8 years and the STRUGGLE with the yoga smells were REAL). So now I carry my tea house spray!!

On Wednesday we shared about our Wild Flower spray and how the smell of certain flowers especially roses are literally some of the best smells in the world. If you smell an amazing flower is can completely change your day! Our favorite use for it is to spray 3-4 sprays on our wrist or neck before a date. However, this spray is equally usable in your pillow/ bed!!

Thursday,  I met “Shayla” an adorable rescue dog from Trinidad and Tobego. She was wearing the prettiest puppy dress and I just had snap a pic and connect it to our Pretty in Peppermint spray. Our Peppermint spray is an all time favorites because it is perfect for active people who want to use a plant based product to lightly  disinfect bacteria and refreshen with the beautiful scent of peppermint! Spray 4 sprays on each foot ( toes included) with or without polish for yummy peppermint toes!

Friday, we shared about our citrus melody blend and how you can use it in the morning or throughout the day to really awaken and uplift!! This one for me is great because I am trying to not drink coffee everyday.

Hope you enjoyed. Please keep us posted if you have new ideas in how you use our sprays and tag us in your pics📷📷 @thistleplusrose






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