lav out loudSince our products are feel good products today I  dedicated dedicate a blog post to one of the best feel good up lifters there is: L A U G H T E R and I had to throw in our favorite flower Lav – ender.
So a couple of weeks ago I was perusing my Netflix account and I stumbled across a female comedian named Ali Wong. So I read the small bio about her and I found our she is the writer of Fresh off the Boat. Fresh Off the boat is about immigrants who lives in the 1990’s in Orlando. While all Americans have a family history of immigration. My husbands father immigrated here from Sicily so we enjoy connecting with the unique stories, struggles, or cultural shocks that immigrants experience coming to the U.S.  . My parents were both born here and my husband and I both agree our child experiences were quite different. Anyway, back to Ali Wong. You need to watch “Baby Cobra” it is hilarious!! So hilarious in fact that the last two friends I visited I made us watch the entire episode together… Now I have seen it a total of three times ( and let me tell you–I do not re-watch television or movies).
Anyway, in Ali Wong’s act she is 7 months pregnant and jokes about many things that I personally believe many women think about or talk about with their besties but it is not typically an open discussion which is what I found so uplifting and eye opening about Ali openly discussing these subjects! Her topics for puns include the process of meeting her husband, or as she says “trapping her husband”, gender stereotypes, the experience growing up as a first born Asian American, the complications and joys of getting pregnant, pregnancy itself, and living in a dual income household. Her humor can be extremely gritty but she is nothing but real.
This past week I was lucky enough to see her LIVE at the Westide Comedy Theatre in Santa Monica with a friend. The show theme was “Party Host” and there were about 6 different comedians who performed. My friend and I were laughing non stop, and for me
it might have been exhaustion and really amazing, creative jokes but I almost cried because shit was so funny 😉 Ali who only had her baby two months ago looked awesome and was still cracking jokes about motherhood, breastfeeding, and how awesome her nanny is. To me, just the pure fact that she is back in action so quickly is quite a motivating factor not to mention I just love her!
So there you have it. Comedy shows= Always a good idea! If you want some raw laughter and you enjoy subjects of relationships, being a female, sex, family, and stereotypes please watch “Baby Cobra”!
Let us know what you think!

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