Happy (Bebe) News!



So I have some very exciting news!! My husband and I will be expecting out FIRST baby early this February! Ordinarily we only post things related to Thistle+ Rose, however, this news was too could to not share. Having a baby was something we always talked about but we never knew when… One of the best part (besides the actual I’m going to be a mom part) is that when we found this incredible news we were on vacation in the exact same city, ( San Francisco) where my husband and I fell in love, and where he also proposed to me ( a sign?!)

Another amazing thing about all of this is that my older sister is also pregnant (with her second) and she will have her baby only two months before we do. Imagine the two little ones will be SO close in age!

So of course one of the first things I did after I found out baby S is due in February was look up the horoscope. What I found out was that most likely our babe will be an Aquarious. A sign that is known for their imaginative nature and honest personality ( two of the best qualities someone could ever have)!! We are SO very excited to meet baby S and I hope the rest of my pregancy goes as smooth as it has already gone ( knock on wood).

While we still have 6 months of just mommy and you time in my belly I want to share 13 compelling concepts with you to help guide your already strong presence into this exciting, beautiful, sometimes scary, world of ours:

Play, laugh, learn, love fiercely,  believe in good, respect the earth, make memories, find your passions, say I love you, call your grandparents, don’t be afraid to cry, explore, and ask questions.















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