Beach Days= Soft Skin

imageDay at the beach


I woke up this morning and my skin felt the softest it has felt in quite some time. I laid in bed thinking of my blissful beach day trip to No Surf Beach yesterday full of sunshine, sea water, diving, and sand.

No Surf Beach is this magical oasis on Sunset Cliffs about 2 miles from my home. For me, in addition to the natural beauty of the beach itself part of the appeal is the required hike down to the special beach. Yes, this steep and rocky trail slope requires steady footing and a no fear attitude of heights. I thanked my lucky stars I had on my favorite active sandals- basically just comfy/ waterproof/ flip flops with a heel strap called “the Luna” flip flops by Havana and I ordered them from Athletica.

Our dog “Boulder” was bouldering through the rocks quickly to reach the water and my hubby was being my Sherpa in front carrying out picnic and our beach umbrella. I definitely was hiking down with the motivation that we could cool off in the beautiful turquoise water. Once down we set up out umbrella and towels and literally ran to jump into the cool water!! Our spaniel galloped with gust trying to beat us to the water and one in all three of us were body surfing with the tide and simply enjoying being in the water with one another. The only time we would get out would be to sip on coconut water or give Boulder a break.

Finally, after quite some time of us diving and swimming we headed back to shore to have our picnic of Farmers market strawberries and (my husbands favorite) ham sanwhiches. We ate, read, slept, listened to the waves crash and hiked back when the sun was going down.

I left feeling a happy sense of fullness towards this day, future days like it and just a gratefulness of one of mother nature’s richest gifts on earth… The SeaπŸ’™



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