Love us some (facial) ROSE oil

Next time you receive roses from a loved one make sure to hold on to those rose petals to make Rose oil and/or  Rose water! Both smell amazing and can be the perfect remedy for tired eyes, irritated or dry skin or a simple mood up-lifter. All you need is:

2-4 cups of rose petals

1 cup of your favorite oil in a glass container (we use jojoba oil in this recipe)

1 mortar and pestle (a wooden spoon and bowl works fine too)

4 cups of water

Bring the 4 cups of water to boil and remove it from the heat (this will be used as a warming method for your container with oil).

submerge the  container of oil to the warm water so the oil keeps warm.

Use the mortar and pestle to crush your rose petals for only 1 minute (no need to over crush or bruise the petals).

Add the crushed petals to the oil

Cover with a cloth top and let stand over night

Use a strainer to strain the rose petals from the oil.

Store your rose oil in a jar.

Depending on how strong your want the scent of your rose oil you can repeat these steps adding more rose petals to the oil mixture.


Use just a few drops of this oil on your face to help your skin stay full of moisture and give you a healthy and luminous glow. Hope you enjoy!

Pics by Rob Putaro


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