Yoga hits home



It was the end of my evening yoga class, after savasana, after I thought I had experienced everything I would experience in that particular practice. But no… while still closing our eyes a quote swept me off my feet. ” Your body is not a temple, it is a forest that will grow back”. At 23 weeks pregnant this quote made my heart stop and bask at what I just heard. It was in an instant where I had allready filled my cup with so much goodness just by getting to yoga and going through the hour and 15 minutes of postures, modifications, and breaths that there became room for just a little more, something that I wasn’t aware I needed: fueling words.

So what is it about these words that hit home so much for me? It is those words “grow back” that resonate with me.  It is in those words that I find answers to questions I didn’t know I had relating to my own self (both internally and externally) and this new chapter of motherhood I am embarking on.  Internally, growing back stronger and wiser means being one with myself and using my intuition to guide me where I am meant to be. Externally, knowing that change is beautiful, to embrace outer change, and to age gracefully by remaining authentic.

Another reason this evenings yoga class hit home for me was because I really noticed how different my body has become with pregancy. How I do miss pushing myself and stretching/ twisting/ to my bodies full limit, but also embracing just how amazing it is that I get to feel the baby move/ kick/ wiggle when I’m laying down in savasana listening to calming music. Only 17 more weeks of yoga with the little one. I can only imagine that this journey will get more and more lifechanging.

Namaste 🙏🏼








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