The importance of Friends and celebrating🎈

img_8856Happy 2017! The year is still brand spanking new and I wanted to take some time to stop and share about a recent event  my girl friends threw me to celebrate the bundle of joy that will be joining us in less than a month ( look for another post on that level of joy!!) Just to clarify this was not a baby shower (however, those are amazing too ) But what my friends threw me was called a “Blessingway”. The event included crafting eucalyptus and baby’s breath flower crowns, a potluck of homemade gluten free food, words of wisdom, the gifting of children’s books, a red bracelet of trust, and the most delicious carrot cake. The hand crafted flower crowns were the perfect symbol of how importance confidence is when embarking on the new journey of motherhood. I strongly believe that there will be a million different people who will tell me how to do things in life and I want to be able to have open ears but know it is me who is the most capable of making informed decisions. The  healthy yet decadent food symbolized the health I wish for my babe. The books were just as much a gift for me as for baby S because reading children’s books out loud is A slice of heaven which I believe is pure therapy. Who knew that reading a Doctor Seuss book out loud was the cure to turning a not so great day into a newfound gem with a completely different light shining on it?? Truth. Lastly, the red truth bracelets that we each tied on our hands to stay until Baby S arrives provided me with a circle of trust that is full of my friends positive energy.

To start 2017 out like this surrounded by strong and unique women has been something that I know will help me during the not so easy times that lie ahead. As we all know that what accompanies the joyous event of welcoming a new human also includes lack of sleep, healing of the body from giving birth, and saying good bye to life as we currently know it…. A life with just the two of us at the centerfold (or three- including our dog).

But truth be said..  I couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead! Mostly, I just can’t wait to meet our little one❤️️So cheers to 2017… new life, adventure, less sleep, and love ahead! I hope your new year is off to a fresh start.






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