Miniature snowball hydrangeous and lavender (plus a perfect luncheon)

So it’s  been eons since trotting on my own page, but I figured I would write since it’s apart of the learning curve. So i went back to work and have been looking for excuses to get back into my passion project ( anything lavender) and low and behold something came to me. My lavender plants in the lavender hub have been flourishing and attracting so many bees that I kind of let them be ( bee) for a good while while I was on maternity leave. But with spring cleaning and a desire to use up some of the lavender that was growing in the hub I went to town and pruned three huge grocery bags full of lavender which I would use at my daughters christening luncheon!!

We got the party catered by a cute cafe near our home and the food turned out great! Check out the menu in the picture section. For flowers we paired the lavender with hydrangeas and they paired super cute! My only downfall was not putting the hydrangeous in water over night so they were a little droopy on the day of. We didn’t get a lot of pictures of the arrangements but I was happy to utilize the lavender in a special way. My husbands cousin was nice enough to host the party at her and her fiance’s gorgeous home (with a pool) and we are ever so grateful for all the love and labor that went into making the day possible!! While our little Nora cried a lot of the baptism (at church) she made up for it by being super smiley and chummy the rest of the day. I can’t blame her for wanting to get to her own party! It was so fun having my parents and sister there for the occasion.



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