Purified Sea Water

Purifying sea water? Some may ask why? First off sea water is the most prevalent type of water that exists on earth. With that said we need to be utilizing it for alternative reasons and not continuing to drain our earth supply of fresh spring water that many people do not have the luxury of having for drinking water. Sea water is a natural exfoliate and contains many beneficial components such as natural magnesium, vitamins, and mineral salts. It is the largest ecosystem on earth but with that said there are still elements that we need to filter out. First, we boil sea water and then put it through a life stream filter that takes away 99.99% of any bacteria or unnatural elements that could be found. After the purification process we  we infuse the water with our home grown and homemade lavender water from our personal garden. The distillation from the lavender plant extracts the lavender scent concentration which we use in our lavender water and add to the sea water.