Lavender is one of those scents that instantly calms the soul. It is a scent that reminds us of complete and utter rejuvenation and relaxation, and reminds us to keep romance in our lives with everything we do.
We all live our lives so quickly; so every time you mist your perfectly concentrated and purified scent we want it to slow things down a bit for you and those around you. By using our natural products to help improve our homes, moods, and comfy bed nests, we are choosing to uplift.
Lastly, we are constantly striving to realize the vision and to endeavor at all times to serve our customers, our communities, and one another to the best of our abilities. At Thistle + Rose, we hope that you find a special place in your life for this one of a kind pillow spray. We hope that the “Spritz-Breathe-Dream” idea resonates with your lifestyle and you share it with those around you.